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Pedro de Magalhaes Padilha
Pedro de Magalhaes Padilha

Sao Paulo State University

Biography: Graduated in Chemistry from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (1988) and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Unesp Chemistry Institute, Araraquara Campus (1993). He is currently professor/advisor of the Graduate Program in General and Applied Biology of the Institute of Biosciences / UNESP-Campus Botucatu, Graduate Program in Zootechnics of FMVZ / UNESP-Botucatu, Associate Professor IB - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry / UNESP-Botucatu and Productivity Fellow 1C from CNPq. He is an advisor to several national and international funding agencies and arbiter of leading national and international analytical, bio analytical, biotechnology and food journals. He is a member of the Research Network that develops a metalloproteomic study of mercury in the Amazon region. In this area of ​​expertise, he has excelled in the identification of toxic and essential metal/metalloid biomarkers, having coordinated more than twenty scientific projects and interacting with several Brazilian and foreign researchers.

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