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Carmen Formisano
Carmen Formisano

University of Naples Federico II

Biography: Dr. Carmen Formisano graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, she get the specialization in Hospital Pharmacy and is qualified to practice the profession of Pharmacist. She completed her Ph.D. in “Natural Substances Pharmacologically Active” (2005-2008), and in the same year, she won the concourse for the obtainment of a Research teaching in "Chemistry II", for the two year period 2006-2007 and 2007-2008, at the Faculty of Biotechnology, of University of Naples Federico II. In December 2011 she became Researcher for the disciplinary sector BIO15 at the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Naples Federico II. Actually she is a Confirmed Researcher in service at the Department of Pharmacy of Federico II. For the academic years 2011-2012- 2013-2014-2014-2015 she held the course of Animal Biology at the Degree Course in Quality Control, for the academic years 2015-2016 she held the course of Animal and Vegetal the results of this activity materialize in over 50 publications on Journals reviewed by Chemical Abstract and 38 communications at national and international conferences.

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